Reidsville Senior High School Alumni


Class of 1997 - TENTH - August 11, 2007 - contact Jon Jones - for details.

Class of 1991 - TWENTY-SIXTH - October 6, 2007 at Lake Reidsville, 11:30 to 3:00. Contact for more details.

Thanks to Clint Wilson for submitting these pictures of the Class of 1975's 30th Reunion.

Thanks to Daryl Carter for submitting these pictures of the Class of 1989's 15th Reunion.

If you think about it, every year, there might be a FIFTH, TENTH, TWENTY-FIFTH, even a FIFTYTH Reunion of Reidsville Senior High Alumni.

It's hard to organize these events, much hard to contact everyone. No one source can tell everyone, but at least, it is FREE to list your REUNION here. Use the NEWS page to submit your REUNION information and it will be posted here, on the News Page and in the News Pages of your class's decade.