Reidsville Senior High School Alumni



Jesus said, "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."
John 11:25 The Holy Bible (K.J.V.)

Alumni Member Graduated Date of Death Location
Apple, Barbara (Stanfield) Class of 1948 September 2001 Reidsville
Ashley, Carlton W. Faculty (teacher) December 2000 Greensboro, NC
Atwater, Wayne Class of 1959 December 1960 Reidsville, NC
Bell, Louis Powell Faculty (teacher) December 2000 Greensboro, NC
Billingsley, Barry Edward Class of 1979 August 2002 Greensboro, NC
Blackwell, Charles Class of 1988 November 1998 Reidsville, NC
Boaz, Lynn (Smith) Class of 1969 March 1999 Reidsville, NC
Boler, Charles Faculty October 1998 Reidsville, NC
Brunk, Vanessa (Clifton) Class of 1981 April 2001 Montose, Iowa
Busick, Howell Class of 1959 March 1986 Reidsville, NC
Clay, Wanda Smith Faculty February 1999 Reidsville, NC
Compton, Keith Aaron Class of 1983 June 1994 Reidsville, NC
Corum, Charles Class of 1959 July 1975 Reidsville, NC
Cox, Sarah Irean* Class of 2006 October 2002 Gibsonville, NC
Daniels, Margie Class of 1988 1996 Reidsville, NC
Davis, Beatrice "Dick" Cook Class of 1926 September 2001 Stokesdale, NC
Davis, John "Todd" Class of 1981 March 2002 Greensboro, NC
Davis, Richard Warren Class of 1946 August 1986 Reidsville, NC
Davis, Virginia (Cayton) Class of 1946 October 1998 Reidsville, NC
Fagg, Cynthia "Cindy" (Bray) Class of 1981 July 2002 Reidsville, NC
Fisher, Bill Faculty, Science Teacher July 4, 1997 Reidsville, NC
Fitzgerald, Clifton Vernon Class of 1952 December 2003 Spruce Pine, NC
Gaston, Gary "Winky" Class of 2001 October 31, 2005 Reidsville, NC
Ham, Tim Class of 1992 December 2002 Reidsville, NC
Hart, LaTonya Class of 1987 July 1987 Reidsville, NC
Hewitt, Sharon Class of 1979 October 3, 2006 Reidsville, NC
Hord, Gerald "Jerry" Class of 1972 January 2002 Gibsonville, NC
Hord, Mark A. Class of 1975 April 2005 Gibsonville, NC
Hoskins, Patricia Lynn "Patty" Class of 1984 March 1992 Falls Church, VA
Hunt, Robert Holmes "Bob" Class of 1954 February 2002 Reidsville, NC
Jacobs, Herbert Lee Class of 1965 May 1967 Reidsville, NC
Jacobs, Morris* Class of 1959 February 1958 Reidsville, NC
Johnson, Sarah Lee Class of 1965 February, 1983 Conway, SC
Joines, Joy Sue Class of 1959 June 1996 Reidsville, NC
Knight, Harry Robert Class of 1952 October 1994 Reidsville, NC
Laxton, David Lee Class of 1983 March 1991 Reidsville, NC
Lester, Linda Class of 1959 August 2001 Greensboro, NC
Lester, Fay Class of 1979 2004 Reidsville, NC
Lester, Richard Class of 1959 December 1980 Reidsville, NC
Lynn, Robert "Page" Class of 1983 June 2000 Reidsville, NC
Mackey, Tim Class of 1981 1983 Fort Rucker, AL
McDonald, Eugene "Jimmy" Class of 1951 October 1998 Reidsville, NC
McKinney, Jesse Class of 1959 June 1988 Reidsville, NC
McNeill, Ethel Johnson Faculty (office) April 1981 Reidsville, NC
Miller, James Michael Class of 1989 April 1998 Reidsville, NC
Mosley, Lettie (Branscome) Class of 1959 February 1995 Reidsville, NC
Neal, Barbara Ann (Driscoll) Class of 1955 May 1997 Reidsville, NC
Paschal, Gloria (Murray) Class of 1962 June 1995 Reidsville, NC
Phipps, George M. Class of 1958 May 2001 Daytona Beach, Fl.
Pierce, Fred Class of 1977 1991 Reidsville, NC
Prestridge, Larry Willard Jr. Class of 1984 August 2001 Reidsville, NC
Robertson, Jeffrey Kemp Class of 1976 February 2005 Danville, VA
Sartin, Sabrina Diane* Class of 1979 November 1977 Reidsville, NC
Sharp, Susie Marshall Class of 1924 March 1996 Raleigh, NC
Smith, Mary Linda (Somers) Class of 1959 December 2000 Reidsville, NC
Snow, Hunter (Richardson) Class of 1975 October 1998 Raleigh, NC
Somers, Cecil Grant Class of 1969 October 23, 2006 Winston-Salem, NC
Southard, Mark Anthony Class of 1981 April 1994 Reidsville, NC
Stanley, Billy Class of 1959 May 1985 Reidsville, NC
Stephenson, Stephanie (Woodson) Class of 1959 March 1988 Reidsville, NC
Stevens, Thomas P. Class of 1962 May 1996 Greensboro, NC
Stone, David Thomas II* Class of 1995 January 1995 Reidville, NC
Swann, Lisa Renee Class of 1978 July 1981 Reidsville, NC
Tanner, Linda (Gardner) Class of 1962 1990 Kansas City, MO
Thompson, Lin Rae (Carroll) Class of 1987 April 7, 1995 Reidsville, NC
Wagoner, John "Johnny" M. Jr. Class of 1983 June 16, 2005 Olin, NC
Walker, Gregory Franklin Class of 1980 October 1987 Charleston, SC

* Died prior to graduation

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